We discuss how much we hate Mahatma Katie and her imperialist voluntourism, the misuse of super talented Brian D’Arcy James, Wesley Taylor is a damn delight, Dev’s messed up priorities, Smashmath, Ellis might be our favorite character now, the secret Brooklyn rival Marilyn Monroe musical number, Derek & Tom’s history, Tom brings the bad news to Ivy.

Scarf Count: 11

The Coup
Originally aired 3/26/2012

Directed by Paris Barclay
Written by Theresa Rebeck

NBC.com synopsis:
Ivy remains in the dark about her fate, while Derek recruits Karen to help.

Pop Culture References:
NAACP, Director’s Guild of America (DGA), Lord Elgin, Gandhi, Ryan Tedder, One Republic, Heather Graham, Bowfinger, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Grace Gummer, Meryl Streep, Degas, Jonas Brothers, La MaMa, Mandees (still in business!), the West End, Bernard Telsey, Crazy Dreams (Carrie Underwood song), Bebe Neuwirth,

Hillary Busis-Entertainment Weekly https://ew.com/recap/smash-season-1-episode-8/

Under 5 of the Week AND Least Problematic Man of the Week: Judge Davenport (David Lipman)

What Would Tarana Burke Say?
“Inherently, having privilege isn’t bad, but it’s how you use it, and you have to use it in service of other people.”

Musical Numbers:
Three Little Birds written by Bob Marley
Dance to the Music written by Sly Stone
Touch Me written by Bonnie McKee, Noel Zancanella, Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle

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