Title: Episode 1.04 – The Cost of Art


Aired February 27, 2012

Directed by Michael Morris

Written by David Marshall Grant

Forget Enter Mr.DiMaggio, Enter Ensemble Member Bobby!  Wesley Taylor has arrived, and Leslie Odom Jr. too. We discuss scarves, shawls and other knitwear, how to care for your Degas, which Jonas Brother is which, forgettable songs, and Derek’s questionable belief in his power to seduce investors.  No All About Eve this week but Ruth does manage to bring up Parks and Recreation again.

Scarf vs. Shawl: https://madebyhand.blog/blog/post/the-difference-between-scarves-cowls-snoods-and-shawls/

Sue’s Kent Test score:4

Kent Test: https://equalityforher.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/HR_The-Kent-Test.pdf





Scarf Watch: Ruth-7.5, Tina-9

Least Problematic Man of the Week: Tom

Under-5 of the Week: Cater Waitress at the party!  

Pop culture references: Center Stage, Center Stage 2, Donna Murphy, Parks and Recreation, The West Wing, Helen Slayton-Hughes, Submission Only (web series), The Cutting Edge, It Could Be Worse (tv series), the Got Milk? commercials

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